The difference between your dreams and reality is called action.

- Brian Tracy

Life Transformation Course

Are you ready to live your life with self-confidence and clarity?

The Life Transformation Course is a 12-week  self-discovery course.  It allows you to examine what is not working in your life.  Are you stuck, struggling with stress, and wanting to break free but don’t know how?  The Life Transformation course is for you.  Learn to identify your roadblocks, make clear decisions, and build self-confidence.  Make people pleasing a thing of the past.

Cultivate positive habits that last, and take responsibility for your choices to live a more fulfilling, purpose-driven life.

Learn to feel good on purpose!


What’s included:

Intake Session

Weekly 25 min. phone or Zoom appointments to review lessons and exercises and share your progress.

Continuous email support 

Transform workbook – The Transform workbook provides a dynamic framework for uncovering, discovering, and discarding anything you feel no longer serves your highest good.

Reveal, Release & Reset

Reveal, Release & Reset Coaching Method

I developed a three-step process for you to clarify what the best version of you can be.  In step one, you will reveal your goals and biggest dreams, clarifying what you want to achieve.  Step two is uncovering what has been blocking you from moving forward and releasing your struggles and fears.  Step 3 is to reflect on your life and reset your intentions to create an action plan to achieve your goals.

Gratitude & Accountability

Expressing Gratitude & Accountability

Studies have shown that being thankful can positively affect us mentally, emotionally, and physically.  Even a tiny amount of appreciation can have positive results.  Personal responsibility could be described as holding oneself accountable for one’s actions, exercising self-control, and understanding one’s power and agency in a given situation. Practicing accountability puts you in the driver’s seat.

These sessions are great for clients looking to go within and discover how they can cultivate joy in their lives or for those who want to acquire personal responsibility and take charge of their lives.

You deserve a better life, and I want to help you live it!


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